Car Dealership Premium WordPress Template

Automobile by Templatic is a premium Wordpress Theme just for you car lovers.  I checked out all the other car type themes and none of them looked as good as this theme provided by Templatic.    If you want to create a car dealership website or a website to show off cars, this is the perfect theme for you.  You do not need to spend a fortune on getting someone to create a dealership theme for you, just use this theme + Wordpress and you will create your website in minutes.  There are many key features of this theme which I listed below.   See features here.


  • Scrolling Featured Image.  You can easily customize and choose which cars to showcase on the frontpage of your car dealership website, the fade effect, scrolling speed and more.
  • Car Listing Page.  You can show a cars from a particular category and insert your own images.   You can show make, model, price, description and option to view more details.
  • Car Detail Pages.   Users will see this page after they click on to view more details.  Here you can show more images of the car with the unique slide show effect, mileage, model, make, more detailed description of the car, availability, other similiar cars, user reviews, videos and more.
  • Send Inquiry.  On the car detail pages, people can send you an inquiry email if they are interested in the car.
  • Detailed Search Criterias.  You can customize your search criterias to search for a car.  Visitors to your site can search by car keyword, car models, car min and max price, and car type.
  • Drive traffic by blogging.  You can attract more attention to your website if you add a blog.  Blog about your favourite cars, which cars just came out, which car is the hottest in the market, blog about anything.
  • Different Theme Skins – Green, Blue, Brown, Red
  • Fully customize with theme options.  You can modify anything on your Wordpress site with this extensive control panel.  You can change theme skin, logo, show/hide tweet button, show/hide facebook like button, gallery images, currency code, mileage unit, breadcrumb navigation and lots more.


Templatic Automobile Dealership:  $65.00

Demo & Release Page | Download

Templatic provides high quality, completely customizable and premium WordPress themes.  This is the most impressive template out there for creating a city directory or a product review site.  Templatic Wordpress Theme niches include online store fronts, eCommerce, photo galleries, magazines, news, event management and video blogging.